Open the boxes several hours up to a day before installation, so that the panels can adapt to room temperature and humidity.

Make sure that the installation area is clean and dry, free of grease, chipping paint, polish and other dirt.

Cut the interlock of one of the panels off so that it can be placed in either the lower left or lower right corner of the installation area. In rooms with often altering temperatures it is advised to leave 3-5mm at the edges of the wall.

Cover the back of the panel with silicon kit or other suitable adhesives and place the first panel firmly in the corner and press it for approximately 10 seconds till it sticks. Make sure that the larger part of the panel is covered in adhesive material in order to assure that every wood piece gets attached to the wall. When pressing make sure the entire back of the panel touches the wall.

Repeat step 4 with the rest of the panels till the installation is complete.

* We advise to paint the back of the wall in a dark shade so that gaps are not visible in the rare even that they occur.

** For extra strong installations, additionally using nails, tackers, or nailguns can improve the lasting of the installation even further.