Who are we?


With years of experience in wall decorations making a product of wood seems nothing but a logical choice. Avanya’s story, is however a bit longer than that. While travelling through Asia, we noticed an abundance of discarded wood. This wood generally is found piles at a time, sometimes abandoned in the rain, slowly decaying. We of course wondered where this wood came from.

Asia is home to the production of many furniture sold in the West, ranging from mass production items sold in stores like Ikea, through special one off items found in the most luxurious hotels. Unfortunately in terms of efficiency, a tree never grows into a perfect square. This of course means that to make for example a chair, while trying to be as efficient as possible, some pieces of wood simply end up to small. This wood or the waste wood is partly used to light the ovens, sold of locally for similar purposes or simply thrown away.

One of Asia’s most popular hard woods is teak (Tectona Grandis), which due to its appearance; strength; rot and fungus resistance can be used both in and outdoor. The leftovers of this wood are in terms of quality, similar to the wood that is actually used in furniture and therefore can be used for something else. This is where the idea came to us, to turn it into wall paneling. Over time we have developed and improved this product to what is Avanya today, a collection of teak wall paneling unrivaled in both quality and appearance.


Environmental Impact


Although Teak itself is not an indigenous tree in Indonesia and mostly grows in plantations, we still do not like to cut trees down for our wood cladding. Therefore, we use only teak that cannot be used for its primary purpose, which is why no new trees are cut down for any of our wood panels. Besides the use of waste materials, we also make sure that we minimize our impact on the environment further in every aspect of our organization. We do so by working as efficient as possible and even turning the waste of our panels into something else again. Also we use low emission glues to assure the health of both our workers and the end-consumer.


Our way of working


Although the visual end product of Avanya is of course our teak wall paneling, our greatest resource is our people. Our panels are made by experienced workers that have been and will be working for us for a long time. With minimum wages often ignored, we assure that we offer fair labor conditions to all individuals involved with the production of our product. Also under no circumstance we are involved in child labour.