Teak cladding patterns and styles for your wall

Our teak wall panels are made of solid high-quality, teak wood. Teak wood is known for its beautiful grain, strength, durability and resistance to rot and mould. As an architect, interior designer or other retailer, you can be confident that our teak wood wall cladding will stay looking pristine.

Our ethically sourced teak wall cladding comes in three designs: stripes, brick and diverse. Each design has a unique, distinctive look and can be custom-sized to fit your design.

From Waste to Walls

Vast amounts of teak wood which too small for furniture goes to waste. This inspired us to create teak wall cladding. We guarantee that no new trees are cut down to make any of our wood panels. We reuse, recycle and do our bit for the planet wherever possible.

Avanya Recycled Wood Panels

Machined to the highest precision

All our teak panels are carefully handmade by our teams of experienced craftsmen. We use a range of specialised woodcrafting machines to get a consistent product and a beautiful result. Our teak cladding is perfectly cut, sized and assembled, ready to transform the look of your interior.

Teak Molding Machine

The finest quality teak wood, without the environmental impact

All our teak wood is taken after it has been through the Kiln Dryer, ensuring the wood doesn’t contain any moisture which could warp, rot, or otherwise damage it. That means we can guarantee that your cladding will keep its shape and will be resistant to mould, rot and damage from woodworm.

Cut with utmost precision

Our teak wood is cut into precise sizes, ensuring there are no quality defects at any stage in the production process. The finished teak cladding is always the perfect fit for your design, while also minimising any wasted material throughout the production process.

High End Wall Paneling United Kingdom

Flawlessly assembled

Every teak wall panel is created from three to eleven different sections of wood. Not only does this mean it all connects together flawlessly, but it also minimizes waste from the shop, means we can create your cladding in less time, and ensures that you receive the highest quality product.

Teak Components of Decorative Wall paneling

Handmade with consistency

Once cut to the right shape and size, our team assembles the pieces of teak onto a polyester net in one of our carefully crafted patterns. These patterns allow us to create cladding that fits in flawlessly from panel to panel. We don’t laminate the wood at this stage as the netting allows the panel to be easily transported, ensures it won’t break during transport, and can be installed onto almost any shape, size and type of wall.

Teak Wall Cladding Avanya

Obsessive quality control

We want to create the highest quality product whilst simultaneously minimising our impact on the world around us. Our quality control team painstakingly checks each and every teak panel for any errors, flaws, or cracks, then cleans the panels ready to ship out to you.

Handmade Decorative Teak Wall Cladding

The Extra Mile

Although almost all our teak cladding comes out of production flawlessly, some panels still need some minor revision by an experienced craftsman.

Teak Wall Deco

Carefully packed before being sent to you

Shipping can be one of the more risky parts of any product, even more so when it’s carefully-cut teak. Because of this, we ensure that your panels are well protected with extra thick (and recyclable) cardboard to keep it completely safe during transport.

DIY 3D Wooden Wall Cladding

The journey from our workshops, directly to your wall

At Avanya, we put our teak panels onto carefully packed pallets, cutting down on the impact transport has on the planet. The panels will be shipped to the UK ready for distribution.

Store Ready 3D teak wooden wall cladding

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